About us

Indian Rock Design/Build was founded in 1980 by Craig Reece, and specializes in residential remodeling and green building in the San Francisco Bay Area. Many of our projects have been published: in Sunset Magazine, Home Magazine, Fine Homebuilding, and other national magazines. 

The design/build approach is an alternative to hiring an architect or building designer, paying for a design, then submitting that design to several general contractors for bids.

This process often results in bids that far exceed the client's stated budget. An architect will rarely pay as much attention to a stated budget as the contractor who'll have to actually build the project for that price, and if you can find a builder who's also talented as a designer, you won't pay to have something designed that you only later discover you can't afford. Design/build also makes it easier to make changes in a design once the project is underway, and often makes it easier for the owner to add design input.